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Our Mission

At Bayview Mortgage Centre Inc. we believe that honesty, communication, and relationships are of superior importance. Knowing that your mortgage company really cares while helping you down the path to your dream home will make you feel safe and secure. That's the feeling experienced by our happy and satisfied customers. Finding the right lender for your real estate transaction can be a tiresome process.
You will find comfort in knowing that an experienced mortgage company is on your side.

At Bayview Mortgage Centre Inc. we are committed to a highly personalized service. Whenever you need to speak to us, we are there for you. We will place you with the right lender at the lowest available rate.

We will provide you with the optimum residential mortgage for purchasing a home, or for refinancing your present mortgage.

Our objective is to help our clients find the right finance for their mortgage. There are many different kinds of financing solutions. We will assist our clients to better understand the options available and best suited to them. Whether your credit is good or bad we can help.


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There is no better advertisement for our business than happy customers. So if you are happy with our company and were impressed with our services and the way we handled your financing needs please tell your friends and family!

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